Tax Preparation & Bookkeeping Services

Catering To Local Individuals & Businesses Tax & Bookkeeping Needs With Our Highly Professional Yet Affordable Services 

According to, “Since 2001, Congress has made nearly 5,000 changes to the Tax Code. That’s more than a change per day. The Tax Code is now about four million words, nearly as long as seven versions of War and Peace or the novel version of Les Miserables and just under four times the number of words in all of the Harry Potter books put together” (Erb, “Tax Code Hits Nearly 4 Million Words”).

Individual Income Tax Preparation Starting at $175

We offer individual tax return preparation for those who don’t want to deal with the frustration and headaches that often go along with preparing their own returns. We start the return preparation process with a no-cost meet and greet and situation analysis for every client. Our base preparation rate of $175 generally applies to someone who receives one W-2 and a limited number of 1099s. All returns are prepared and filed by a federally licensed Enrolled Agent.

Business & Trust Income Tax Preparation Starting at $450

Business and trust tax return preparation starts at $450 due to the increased complexity level and amount of time involved over individual tax returns. We can prepare returns for C corporations, S corporations, partnerships, and trusts.

For most business tax return preparation, we would need copies of your income statement and balance sheet for the applicable tax year or fiscal year (generally only applies to C corporations). We have no problem going through general ledgers, cleaning up problem and/or audit risk areas, and recording adjusting journal entries if requested.

All business and trust tax returns are prepared and submitted by a federally licensed Enrolled Agent.

Value Added Bookkeeping Services Starting at $50 – Let Us Handle The Books While You Grow Your Business!

Need help getting your books in order? We can definitely help. We use Intuit’s QuickBooks and QuickBooks Online for the majority of our bookkeeping requirements. They are user-friendly, have a wide range of features, and can be used to serve multiple purposes. We also have experience with Rent Manager, Xero, and FreshBooks.

Our bookkeeping services include: bank reconciliations, adjusting journal entries, accounts receivable and accounts payable tracking, financial statement preparation, and general input. We have experience with everything from basic bookkeeping for a self-employed general contractor to complex bookkeeping services for multi-million dollar businesses.

Our bookkeeping services are $50 per hour in-house or $55 per hour on-site. Please give us a call so we can determine your specific situation.

We offer “value added” bookkeeping for interested parties. Value-added bookkeeping goes beyond data entry to analysis and application. What does that mean for your business? Value-added services can help to determine where your business is spending too much, where it might consider spending a little more, what areas look like audit risks, and make sure your balance sheet and income statement look correct for tax reporting purposes.

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